New Found Sound Showcase at Subway Cowgate

With a little refining to its dynamic palate it will soon contain all the right ingredients to become an Edinburgh delicacy

Article by Billy Hamilton | 15 Jul 2006

The problem with eclecticism is that it rarely breeds quality. Hosted at Subway Cowgate this evening, Edinburgh's latest live music showcase New Found Sound is a prime example of the perilous dichotomy of innovation. Tonight's offering is a concoction of techno, electronica, hip-hop and indie that sporadically sparkles amid a general haze of incoherence.

The main stain on this ambitious evening is left by the banality of two regimented rock n roll bands. Stirling's Jack Butler may break free from the homogenous indie scene with their furious hooks but the stench of post-punk revivalism lingers heavily over this zealous set.

However, it's the school-boy sound of Sugardaddy that truly grates. Cheesier than a Cliff Richard Christmas, the band's pseudo-sixties melodies are an abhorrent mass of plagiarised posing and soulless harmonies.

But amidst the painful wailing is some blistering insights into how relevant New Found Sound can be. Binary Zero is a one-man wave of nihilistic venom and rage. With plunging Aphex Twin beats electrified by sneering riffs, he creates jaw-dropping abstract dance music for the warped generation.

The Remedies bring a touch of old-school hip-hop to this pioneering affair. Reminiscent of Ugly Duckling, the debonair duo conjure an abundance of contagious samples and witty improvisations that quickly brightens up this eerily dark venue.

Satellite Dubs steal the show however; fusing Leftfield sonics with Death In Vegas introversion, it's the transient sound of urban society that's as unsettling as it is enthralling. Sweatily incessant, this is furiously pulsating Glasgow-techno-sleaze at its finest.

New Found Sound will always struggle to whet the appetite of the devout mainstream but with a little refining to its dynamic palate it will soon contain all the right ingredients to become an Edinburgh delicacy. [Billy Hamilton]

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