Mint Field @ Broadcast, Glasgow, 27 Feb

Mint Field deliver a solid, if at times unengaging, set tonight but it's the homegrown local talent of Home$lice and West Princes that steal the show

Live Review by Claire Francis | 08 Mar 2018
  • Mint Field

For a group that have only just dropped their debut album Pasar de las Luces, Mint Field have already generated plenty of hype. The duo from Playas de Tijuana played Coachella last year with only an EP to their name and have become tipped as ones to watch by countless indie music tastemakers. However, it's a cold Tuesday night in Glasgow, and it's tonight's homegrown support acts that really steal the show.

Openers Home$lice have got the local crowd behind them, with a strong turnout for a mid-week night in Broadcast. The five-piece borrow from the likes of New Order and Television to craft their own brand of lush guitar pop, and with debut album Howdy set for release next month, the group are poised to become major players in Glasgow's saturated indie music scene. Likewise, West Princes put in an assured and energising turn. It's more indie-pop, but with precise harmonies and slick musicianship that set them apart from other acts peddling similar fare – their 2017 single Wet Bark is a Slug is an obvious set highlight.

By the time Amor Amezcua and Estrella Sanchez take the stage (with the addition of a bass player for their touring shows), the audience has thinned, but those present gather round closely as if under the spell of the pair's heady shoegaze melodies. There's not much stage chat from Sánchez, who only pauses briefly at one point to marvel at the fact that they've made it all the way from to Baja California to Glasgow for this show; as though they still can't quite believe their own rapid ascent. As with their debut record, their show is more a cosmic sonic journey than a collection of highlights, though Amor Amezcua's impeccable, passionate drumming really drives their live performance home. It's a solid, if at times slightly unengaging, effort from a duo for whom the only way is up.