LYLO @ The Hug & Pint, Glasgow, 4 Jun

We're treated to two excellent performances tonight from Leeds' Team Picture and Glasgow's LYLO, who seem to acquire some new fans along the way

Live Review by Claire Francis | 03 Jul 2018

We first stumbled upon Team Picture at Brighton's The Great Escape Festival, where they impressed with an early afternoon show that channelled both slick synth-pop and guitar-driven fuzz. With new mini-album Recital fresh off the press, the Leeds-based six-piece have some solid new material to show off. Tracks like Break Yr Heart, with its caustic refrain 'I want to break your heart because it pleases me', are delivered in sprightly fashion and Team Picture make an eye-catching sight on stage. A mish-mash of white dungarees and various pieces of marching band uniforms, their attire is as surprisingly cohesive as their multifarious sound.

The ever-delightful LYLO then follow with a taught performance that is no doubt a product of their prolific gigging schedule. We still stand by their latest record Post Era as one of the best Scottish albums of the year to date, and it gets a thoroughly energetic run through tonight.

They begin with album-opener Everything's Cool, followed by the ebullient Turn My Jacket, which is jazzed up by a prolonged mid-point jam. The glassy, languid Submerge shows they're as much in command of the slow burners as they are the energetic heights of Yeah Boy. As we leave, we overhear a group who popped down from the bar into the basement out of sheer curiosity singing LYLO’s praises. When you’re winning new fans in the space of 45 minutes, you know you’re doing something right.