Live Music Direct Showcase Event @ Liquid Lounge

A fine platform for up and coming bands

Article by Alasdair Stuart | 16 May 2006
Live Music Direct is a new online music community with the intention of providing a fine platform for up-and-coming bands in and around Glasgow by gathering together like-minded promoters, venues and fans. The group's first showcase event was held in the Liquid Lounge and featured four unsigned bands of varying quality. First on were Mummy Short Arms, an admirable six piece originally from Ayr. With a crazed front man doing a fine impression of Sean Ryder, they possess a freakish ability to slip from Strokes-esque cool to a more metal-based form of yowling, they were the highlight of the night. The Fourth Parallel were dull and uninspiring, and it looked like they knew it, while Mangara provided a bit of diversity with their new metal inspired infectious melodies. Final act Eoscene were definitely the best supported, wooing the crowd with their mix of acoustic rock and some fine bongo playing. [Alasdair Stuart]
Tried to salvage this one a bit but sweet jesus, this is some boring shit. Alex, bury this deep in the online live reviews, man.