Little Dragon @ St Luke's, Glasgow, 1 Nov

Tracks from Little Dragon's latest album sound much heavier and fuller live and the Gothenburg four-piece are still as tight as ever

Live Review by Nadia Younes | 06 Nov 2017

Gothenburg four-piece Little Dragon celebrated two decades of friendship this year and they’re still as tight as ever. Frontwoman Yukimi Nagano’s stage outfits are always something special and tonight is no exception. Dressed like some sort of new-age bride in a silver ruffle dress and sequinned gloves, her face covered by a neon yellow veil, Nagano takes to the stage announcing it’s been “a beautiful rainy day, just like our hometown,” but Little Dragon are here to warm you up.

Tracks from their latest album Season High sound much heavier and fuller live: think less pop concert, more 90's rave. The soundscapes are massive and Erik Bodin’s drums are leading the way. The Pop Life and Sweet are perfect electro-pop gems and get everyone in the room dancing; Push on the other hand is a sprawling techno epic, equally intense as it is upbeat.

Nagano briefly leaves the stage for a Mariah-style costume change towards the end of Strobe Light, while the rest of the band continue in a bass-heavy instrumental jam. She returns with even more neon veils, all of varying colours, and the band lead up to an exuberant performance of fan favourite Ritual Union.

Closing with a haunting rendition of Twice, the opener from their self-titled debut, the track is made even more stunning in the intimate setting of St Luke’s and by the sheer beauty of Nagano’s voice. The band leave the stage like they’re leaving a headline slot at Madison Square Garden and given the scale of their performance, it’s a wonder they’re not.