Lily Allen @ Barrowlands, Glasgow, 13 Dec

With songs old and new played tonight, as she sips from a teacup in-between songs, Lily Allen's couldn't-give-a-fuck attitude makes for a massively enjoyable Barrowlands performance

Live Review by Juliette Jones | 19 Dec 2018

She doesn’t look a thing like Sheezus, but there’s a sense at Lily Allen's Barrowlands gig that there’s something full of fervour going on. Flanked by an honest-to-God musical powerhouse team of keyboards and bass guitar, her new songs bounce along nicely on contemporary-sounding electronic beeps and squeaks. Older tracks such as LDN and Who’d Have Known are interspersed to great effect, seeing everybody – everybody – bounce up and down on the Barrowlands hallowed dancefloor.

Beautiful, talented and trailing around the slightest hint of trouble with her (as well as being the daughter of That Dad) she’s altogether compelling; people generally shut up when she speaks because they want to know what she has to say. She’s drinking God-knows-what from a teacup and letting the crowd know that she’s pleased to be in Glasgow – and that, damn it all, she fancies her bass player.

Like many, many female singer-songwriters there’s a bit of a push/pull opinion divide as to whether it’s okay to like her as a feminist. The answer is surely yes. Brilliantly, one comes away with the impression that there’s been a lot of changing and growing of late for Allen, but that she’s also been right down there in the mud with her mistakes and rolled around in them. It is, mercifully, a totally irony-free zone, too: her performance of Apples from this year's No Shame is delicate and heartfelt, and a sincere-sounding explanation of what went on after a breakup. This, coupled with her couldn’t-give-a-fuck attitude makes her an enduring, massively likeable performer, and ending on Fuck You, it's impossible not to prance around post-gig, gleefully singing it yourself.