Kunt and the Gang @ 13th Note

A tsunami of filth as obscene as his name implies, obsessed with genitalia, sexual perversion, excrement and Carol Vorderman

Article by Margaret Kirk | 08 Sep 2007
  • Kunt and the Gang

Unlike most scatological one-man bands, Kunt and the Gang isn't leery: every song is delivered with the naive enthusiasm of a primary school teacher. Armed with a rudimentary backing track, a hand puppet and a knack for parodying 80s pop melodies, Kunt quickly has the crowd singing along and laughing hysterically. God forbid that his numbers reach his natural audience in the playground: children singing Feminine Itch or The Worst Thing in the World would cause a greater moral panic than rising house prices or immigration in certain tabloids. His set is short and sweet enough to keep the humour fresh: whether he is paying tribute to friendship on Fred and Rose or warning against wearing white with an upset stomach, Kunt miraculously comes across as a pleasant young man who just happens to enjoy swearing, masturbating over ladies on television and offering himself to celebrities. [Margaret Kirk]