Kubb/ Story One- King Tut's- 1st Feb

Article by Nick Q | 17 Mar 2006
Enter Kubb - a white shirted chap with a great big bass. Looking as if he'd be more comfortable in GQ magazine than on stage, anyone who's claimed he sounds like Jeff Buckley needs shooting. Stolid, leaden songwriting performed by a bunch of prom-dressed bores, the occasional soar serves only to emphasise the perpetual snore induced by their tunes. The support band, Story One, carry the night on their own, with their violin-led, My Latest Novel-esque melodrama. Powerful where Kubb were pish, Story One's emotive, evocative melodies and gruff poetry make them a band to look out for in the future. As for the headliners, I can only hope a bit of exuberance lightens their half-arsed melancholy and they lift themselves out of the insipid bog they've mired themselves in. [Nick Q]