Kool Keith @ The Bongo Club

Article by Dave Kerr | 15 Jun 2006

Making the worn out and half-cut faithful feel something like the patients who hang around in vain on Dr Octagon's Waiting List, Kool Keith finally hauls his ass onstage just shy of 2am, but not before a set of breaks and UMC gems from Kutmasta Kurt who we see curiously clad in an Osama beard for a prolonged warm up session. When Keith finally arrives there are fleeting glances of clear genius at work, as one would expect of an innovator from the Ultramagnetic realm.

Although after a ridiculously short set; primarily driven by his sparring MC, held up by too many drawn out nonsensical misogynistic diatribes (which would no doubt have been entirely welcome during a longer show that started 4 hours earlier) and dominated by two versions of Blue Flowers back to back“ "It's the remix y'all, the remix!"- Keith and his crew then inexplicably take things down to a subterranean notch by selling dildos and pornos from the stage. He hurriedly scrawls his moniker on flyers and a picture of Wayne Coyne holding a chop to his face amongst various other random pieces of paraphernalia for the fans, but it's too little too late. This should have been the Triptych showstopper but instead it seemed abundantly clear that, quelle surprise, moolah was key and these geezers simply couldn't be arsed with anything else tonight. [Dave Kerr]