Kllo @ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, 28 Nov

Kllo bring their melancholic harmonies and fusion of deep house, UK garage and R'n'B back to Edinburgh

Live Review by Briony Pickford | 04 Dec 2017

Tonight follows a year of adventurous touring for Kllo since their last time playing at Sneaky Pete’s. Not only are the headliners back with more passion, presence and an entirely fantastic debut album, but their support from that 2016 show also make a return.

Chuchoter – vocalist Emily Smith and producer Owen McAllister – begin the night with one of their debut tracks, Credo Pt. 1, a song that truly encapsulates Chuchoter’s style in a whirlwind of sprawling synth melodies and emotive vocals. The rest of their set continues this amalgamation of myriad styles, with sprinklings of disco, techno, and some classical chorus vocals.

The latter part of their set boasts the addition of increasingly club-friendly beats and sassier lyrics which you can imagine being belted out by entire audiences soon. They also whip out their latest single Pieces, and by the end of their set the duo have the audience's unwavering attention. With eclectic songs, bags of confidence and an effortless stage presence beyond their years, Chuchoter are ones to watch.

Kllo draw everyone instantly with the fantastic hook to opener Downfall. It is no doubt that the Melbourne duo are incredibly talented – we could ascertain that from listening to their recorded output – but seeing them live proves another skill. The first thing we notice is their in-sync bopping to the beat as they concentrate on their keyboards and electronic intricacies. When not impressing us with her multi-tasking abilities, Chloe Kaul moves around the keyboard to dance and sing paradisiacally with the audience.

Their set heavily features the full-length debut album Backwater and rightly so. However they do treat the audience to a few songs from Well Worn, the EP that first blasted them into the limelight in 2016. Dissolve and Virtue are highlights, displaying Kllo’s sensitivity, with every facet of their sound on a perfect equilibrium allowing the music to surround us as if we had just been transported to a smoky club at 2am.

After a round of 'one more tune' chants, Kaul humbly asks the audience if we would be happy with a piano ballad. Despite the general feeling that another club-friendly song would be better received, an exemplary performance of Backwater single Nylon appeases the crowd. It seems undeniable that we'll see many more entrancing musical ventures from both Chuchoter and Kllo, but in the meantime these are a pair of bands that need to be witnessed live.