KFM Records Presents @ The Venue, 11 May

Regarding the crowd: where the fuck was everyone?

Article by Xavier Toby | 15 Jun 2006

A fond farewell to the Venue from KFM Records featuring their artists - too many to mention here. David Jack combined some top quality scratching with samples and guitars for some rollicking tunes, while the rhymes and rhythms of Penpushers were the highlight. Considering how much sub-quality hip-hop makes it onto the radio, it's disgraceful that they haven't gained wider notoriety. Final act of the night was The Magnificents, fresh from touring Europe with Mogwai and having their gear stolen by some disrespecting knobjockeys. Maybe they were still feeling the effects of a long roadtrip, maybe it was the small and lacklustre crowd, but they lacked their usual intensity. Regarding the crowd: where the fuck was everyone? With such a quality line-up of local acts who have been pumping out great tunes and putting on amazing live shows for a while now, by all rights this event should have been a sell out. [Xavier Toby]