KanYe West @ SECC, 17 Feb

Mind the GAP? How KanYe possibly forget?

Article by Dave Kerr | 17 Mar 2006

'Please mind the GAP when alighting from this train,' we're eerily forewarned before stepping off and into the SECC. KanYe's in town. He bounds the stage from left to right and sweats his ass off like the Axl Rose of hiphop while telling a tale or two about his life of strife. He somehow manages to make a summer job at everybody's favourite clothing outlet sound like an eternity down the coal mines with Spaceship and comes off all posthumous J. Howard Marshall II on Gold Digger. Narcissistic anecdotes aside, he serves up a tight show which incorporates his furious string troupe and DJ backup crew into a world where it's hard to tell whether contradictory lyricism is clever or not. The hoards have no cause to care though; they Touch the Sky anyway and agree wholeheartedly with the man West's declarations. But mind the GAP? How KanYe possibly forget?

Touch the Sky is released on March 6.