Kagoule @ Sneaky Pete's, 9 Dec

Live Review by Katie Hawthorne | 14 Dec 2015

Kagoule came and they bloody well conquered. Despite Storm Desmond raging his blowy best, a packed-out Sneaky Pete’s gathered to witness the Nottingham three piece slam it home, hard. Lucy Hatter, Cai Burns and Lawrence English are barely out of their teens, but prove consummate professionals when it comes to teetering on the brink of musical chaos. Supremely, bafflingly tight, their non-stop touring regime’s endowed Kagoule with a mad dose of confidence in letting it all hang out – and the skill required to rein in the monster they’re more than capable of creating.

The band’s debut album Urth was released by noted metal label Earache in a somewhat unexpected pairing, but after watching the trio bring the record into technicolour, all spikey angles, open mouths and bonkers drum fills, the signing makes total sense. Racing from Adjust the Way to Glue, through Damp Sand and into Gush, the three show absolutely no sign of slowing or softening.

In fact, the only breather of (vague) sorts comes from a revamped version of Made in Concrete. One of the earliest songs written by the then-teenaged band, the transformation it's seen over four-or-so years is total testimony to Kagoule's powers of invention, and offers unquestionable evidence that this band are moving at an ridiculous rate of knots. 

Come crashing end of set, there’s a slightly stunned “one more tune” encore… swiftly followed by a surge to the merch stand. Edinburgh’s obviously been more than taken by East Midlands’ finest. After noteworthy support from the sunshiney shambolics of Andrew R. Burns and the Tropicanas, too, the night’s proved another gem in Sneaky’s impeccable winter booking – and a stern reminder to go and see a Kagoule show, whatever the weather. Pure gold.