Jim Noir @ The Venue

A glorious concoction of wind swept vocals and buttercup melodies

Article by Billy Hamilton | 15 Jul 2006
Tonight bowler hats and gnomes mean just one thing – Jim Noir and his psychedelic brand of sea-shanty soul are here to rise like a phoenix from The Venue's dwindling flame. Fresh from the pocket-bulging commercialisation of Eanie Meanie, Noir proves he's no one hit wonder with a glorious concoction of wind swept vocals and buttercup melodies. Rather than the textural intricacy found on 'Tower Of Love', this is a harmony led extravaganza that combines the ramshackle bohemia of The Beta Band and the sun-kissed simplicity of Shack. With songs as rhythmically ravenous as Standing On The Corner this end of an era feels more like a ebullient beginning, and as the cosmic cacophony of My Patch brings down the final curtain you can only bask in the gushing euphoria. 2006 might be the year The Venue finally wilted but tonight it swung like the sixties all over again. [Billy Hamilton]