iLiKETRAiNS @ Barfly @ Glasgow

Railcards will take on a whole new level of desire

Article by David Winton | 16 May 2006
As everyone should know by now, music comprises half the live performance, retro-tech savvy the rest. iLiKETRAiNS come tops in retro-tech with their prismatic Super 8 and slide projections, spitting out images from snow to Raquel Welch. This sweet visual backdrop only belies half their savvy, as the atmospheric, Icelandic music and lack of member emphasis nicely fleshed out the Barfly stage. Sleepy, forceful ballads drifted through bow-played guitar and subtle trumpet (yes, subtle trumpet) with lyrical topics consisting of chess, murder and doom. So yes, definitely dark. Influences come through crystal clear from 'Babies'-era Pulp to Morrissey, adding to the warm bread loaf of sound. Railcards will take on a whole new level of desire. [David Winton]
New single Terra Nova is relesed through Fierce Panda on May 29.