Hundred Reasons @ The Venue

One for the die-hards

Article by Gemma Slawson | 16 May 2006
This was definitely intended to be an up-close and personal show, your classic small venue packed to the rafters with salivating eager fans... but with poor quality sound and a generally one dimensional set, it certainly did not transpire as something to write home to your sweetheart about. Despite these difficulties, the ATD-I-lite flavoured Surrey quintet still trundled along with a lot of effort to keep their followers clapping. Failing to become enthralled, as each song sounded like the last and the one before, attention was brought to the band's physical presence. Hundred Reasons are obviously still a very strong band, although they often made it look like playing live was all just a little bit of fun on the side; with an extended set and a high amount of audience involvement with all they do on-stage. That said, tonight was nevertheless one for the die-hards. [Gemma Slawson]