Humanzi @ Cabaret Voltaire

the result never came across as schizoid but as a tight and volatile display of how you never need to write the same song twice

Article by Chris Nordeng | 15 Jul 2006
I know what you're thinking here, but Humanzi are not an all-star ensemble featuring members from Fugazi and Human League as the name suggests. They are instead one hell of an interesting new Irish formation who manage to capture influences from so many different directions that it almost makes your mind implode. The self-proclaimed four angry bastards kick off a capturing set - displaying their intelligent nailbombs featured on their forthcoming debut 'Tremors' due out in late July - and once they do there's no turning back, Cabaret Volataire is within an instant affected by the Dublin sons huge-sounding paranoia numbers. It's hard to imagine, but their musical influences are as wildly diverse as Shelter, At the Drive-In, Interpol, The Rapture and Alice in Chains. The result never came across as schizoid, more as a tight and volatile display of how not to write the same song twice. A big bonus for the pogoing hobbit bass-player too, experience-enhancing eyecandy indeed. [Chris Nordeng]