How To Swim & Stinky Munchkins @ Glasgow School of Art

See them now before you have to camp out

Article by Dave Reid | 12 Mar 2007
Inspired by the glam rock denizens of the seventies, Stinky Munchkins (3/5) aspire to the camp, catchy rock peddled by the likes of Bobby Conn. They struggle to muster an infectious groove until half way through their set tonight, but they deserve commendation for injecting some glamour into the local scene and you'd do well to take a look. That is, unless, How To Swim are playing at the same time. Led by the fabulously named Ink Wilson, How To Swim are a genuine delight of well-crafted songs and charismatic lyrics. With a roll call easily stretching into double figures they display an eclectic mix of styles based in sweeping rock epics with a hint of klezmer, a touch of afro beat and a rambunctious charm to it all. See them now before you have to camp out to get tickets. [Dave Reid]
Stinky Munchkins play Club Olum at Buff Club, Glasgow on 8 Feb.,