Honeyblood @ Stereo, Glasgow, 30 May

Honeyblood celebrate ten years since their debut album with an anniversary show at Glasgow's Stereo

Live Review by Tara Hepburn | 03 Jun 2024

“Was that really ten years ago?” is a popular topic in the crowd before Honeyblood take to the stage in Stereo to play an anniversary show celebrating that eponymous debut album. You hear it once and it becomes impossible to ignore – at the bar, at the merch table, as people jostle further forward in the venue’s sold-out basement. And it’s true – it is hard to believe Honeyblood arrived on the scene a whole decade ago. Particularly because that 12-strong collection of songs have aged so well. The album was recorded with then-drummer Shona McVicar, an OG member of singer-songwriter Stina Tweeddale’s Honeyblood project.

Given that Honeyblood started life as a two-woman band, it seems fitting that support on the night is provided by another duo at the start of their journey in the industry – Edinburgh outfit No Windows. With just two EPs under their belt, the pair do well to successfully win over the bulk of the crowd with their distinctly Scottish brand of folksy pop.

It comes as a musical gear change when Honeyblood take to the stage, kicking off with the menacing Choker. It’s a swirling racket of a song, and a great introduction to the latest musicians on the road with Tweeddale: drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson and bass player Anna Donigan. Tweeddale is dressed for the occasion in a distinctly 2014 look – a black minidress with a Peter Pan collar – and greets the crowd by sweetly saying: “This next song I actually wrote about Glasgow!” before adding dryly, “it’s called (I’d Rather Be) Anywhere but Here!”

The hometown crowd is on form throughout and full of real Honeyblood heads. Every song in the tight 50-minute set goes off as though it were a massive single.

“Don’t come for me for not playing this in order, by the way!” Tweeddale says. Scrambling the order not only allows her to play around with adding b-sides into the set, such as the hazy indie head-banger Kissing On You, but also means things can end on a natural closer. Infectious singalong Super Rat was made for moments like this, as the entire crowd ignores Tweeddale’s pleas to “be careful if you have bad knees” and jumps along, screaming “I! Will! Hate you forever!” A reminder that some things – hatred and Honeyblood – really do stand the test of time.

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