Ho99o9 @ Stereo, Glasgow, 11 Dec

Ho99o9 are wild, abrasive, completely in your face and entirely thrilling to watch

Live Review by Nadia Younes | 14 Dec 2017

LA-based hip-hop thrashcore duo Ho99o9 have built up a sturdy reputation for their raucous live shows and tonight they don't disappoint.

Support act Kate Mo$$ though are a different situation entirely. There is a girl dancing around and stripping on stage, while a man is stood at the side filming the performance and randomly grunting. It’s unclear what either of their purpose is here, or if they’re actually even part of the band, and it's hard to tell whether we're meant to be taking them seriously or not, but our guess is... not?

This allows Ho99o9 then to show us how it's done. theOGM spits the slickest, most rapid rap verses you’ve ever heard and, accompanied by the juggernaut that is Eaddy, they are a force to be reckoned with. Street Power and Knuckle Up, taken from their latest album United States of Horror, go off like nothing you’ve ever seen before, while Hydrolics is a touch more mellow – well, mellow in Ho99o9 terms.

While Eaddy throws himself around in the pit, theOGM takes on chat duties, which for the most part is entertaining and humorous. However, things take a turn when an audience member heckles them, shouting “play some punk” when the duo return for their encore. This leads theOGM to launch into a speech about artistic freedom, during which he comments on the spelling of their name being one of their only freedoms as artists.

Given the performance we have all just witnessed though, Ho99o9 seem to have a lot more artistic freedom than they may think – not many bands could get away with a performance quite like this after all.