Ho99o9 @ Rebellion, Manchester, 20 Jun

Review by Marty Hill | 23 Jun 2017

It took some choice words from Show Me The Body vocalist Julian Cashwan Pratt before his band’s set gets anything like the reception it deserves. Their gentrification-channelled anger relies on participation to translate to a live show and tonight’s largely rocklist-leaning crowd at times let the side down on that front.

Ho99o9, however, seem to be catalysts for hysteria almost by default and it quickly becomes clear that the live reputation that the band have built up is totally justified. It only takes a few seconds of theOGM’s distorted electronics before Eaddy somersaults from the stage and into the crowd – before his microphone has even been touched. Not held back by instruments save for a small sample pad, the duo convey an on-stage energy that is unlike anything Rebellion has hosted before or is likely to again.

Eaddy splits his time equally between stage and pit; demanding a wall of death when Bone Collector drops and dissolving the spectator/performer divide almost entirely. The sampled guitars that the duo rap over live cut through the venue as effectively as any live instrumentation could have, with the band’s touring drummer serving to provide some kind of restraint to the antics – Ho99o9 do well to stir chaos without compromising their sound live.

‘HO99O9 DEATH KULT’ reads the band’s looming backdrop – and this feels cult-like. Every moment that Eaddy spends bringing the crowd into focus is eaten up – it’s hard to recall such an abrasive and intimidating live show being met with such unreserved enthusiasm.