Harmonia @ ABC2, 11 Jul

They appear on stage assured in their own reputation and the confidence that comes with the term supergroup

Article by Emma Smith | 22 Jul 2008
  • Harmonia

As the first of many loops is spun and tonight’s opener gently builds, the anticipation felt throughout the room is aptly mirrored. Harmonia haven’t played Glasgow before, having never visited Scotland during their initial period together which ended over thirty years ago. Having reunited last year, they appear onstage assured in their own reputation - being purveyors of the West German Krautrock scene of the 70s with parent bands Cluster and Neu! - and the confidence that comes with the term ‘supergroup’. The crowd are quickly lulled by the pacing rhythms of familiar motorik beats whilst simultaneously being kept alert by layers of electronic experimentation. Less like a gig and more of an artistic showcase, the boxy nature of the venue is clearly too enclosing for the scope of the all-encompassing soundscapes being produced. When brief interludes are left between these drifting ambient passages however, and the audience are able to decipher when applause is appropriate, they show their appreciation without holding back. [Emma Smith]