Go Team @ ABC

Go! Go! Go team!

Article by Sam Eccles | 16 Apr 2006
Evoking the memories of over thirty years of thrill-packed and exultant musical melodies, from Charlie Brown and the Red Hand Gang to Run DMC and Sonic Youth; the Go team gave the audience at the Barrowlands one of the most exuberant performances the West Coast has ever seen. The personality-packed musical assembly pounded out their fun packed set, whilst executing a wholly demanding workout soon replicated by a bouncing audience way too energised to even consider that this was far more than any gym would necessitate. The Go team have a freshness of style, an inventive layering of sounds, and a novel approach to delivery and performance which, combined with their neverending gusto and zeal, has captured the attention of an all-embracing cross section of music lovers. Go! Go! Go team! [Sam Eccles]