Gary Numan @ QMU

vampires succeed best when they are suckling new blood

Article by Alec Downie | 15 Jun 2006
Numan, Nuumaan, Nuumaaan chants an eclectic QMU gathering of old guard, new guard and the inquisitive. Gary Numan is a threadbare celebrity; his life viciously dissected for hair weaves, plane crashes and a spouse's passion for cosmetic surgery, yet Numan remains as intriguingly distant an alien now as he did during the heyday of Tubeway Army. Few artists would have survived this brutalisation but Numan's resurrection as the godfather of Industrial Rock under the stewardship of Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson is as diametrically opposed to this tale as was the Sugarbabes' money spinning use of his riff for Cars. Introduce the trip-hop genius of Glasgow's own Rico who two years ago wrote and produced Numan's first top 20 hit Crazier and the catalyst for a Bowiesque reinvention into a Hybrid is complete. Sadly Numan's rejection of vamping from youth has left him exposed, stand out songs are Crazier and a lacklustre performance is rescued by mesmerising versions of Down in the Park and Our Friends Electric. The choice not to play Cars is impious, ensuring we will be back one last time but this performance reinforces the notion that vampires succeed best when they are suckling new blood. [Alec Downie]