Francoiz Breut

Article by Sam Eccles | 17 Mar 2006
Something of the Amelie effect came over the crowd at the Francoiz Breut show at ABC this month. Impossible to articulate, her sounds floated through the audience, weaving their own magical spell. Think smoky Parisian bars on the Left Bank leaving an impenetrable memory on the brain, or soundtracks to mesmerising and life affirming cinematic discoveries - densely packed with atmospheric musical arrangements. Whimsical and almost ethereal, Francoiz's style is spell-binding, her enveloping compositions having angelic qualities, packed with brooding and moody virtue – even when song becomes spoken word. Her endearing shyness and enchanting looks are enhanced by the gentle movement of her hands as she seemingly draws shapes to the tones and melody emerging from her wren-like form. Yet the music extends beyond that loved by the music aficionado – less tawdry than Serge Gainsborough, more a Gaelic Nico or Beth Gibbons – singing of love remembered and cynical desire. Sweet but tough. Enchanting and unforgettable. [Sam Eccles]