Firebrand Super Rock and Vantage Point @ Bannermans

some satisfied grins amongst the long hair and Manowar t-shirts

Article by Caroline Hurley | 16 Apr 2006
Vantage Point (3/5) take to the stage in masks, well three of them do, giving the impression they've just come from a Halloween party that the drummer and lead guitarist weren't invited to. The intent was pure though, and nothing could disguise their love of metal. The enthusiastic mob was treated to something akin to an amateur Iron Maiden tribute band tackling Sabbath inspired tunes, with varying success. Some enjoyable axe wielding and head banging bass made up for slightly overly-ambitious vocals and the back to back Dio and Judas Priest covers left some satisfied grins amongst the long hair and Manowar t-shirts. With The Last Great Wilderness forced to pull out due to a technical hitch, Firebrand Super Rock (3/5) were bumped to headliner and should be grateful that they have the love child of Pamela Anderson and Axl Rose on vocals, pulling off a mixed bag of promising metal and at times plodding rock. [Caroline Hurley]