Fauves @ Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee, 3 Mar

Glasgow indie-pop outfit Fauves deliver a short, sharp set in Dundee

Live Review by Amy Kenyon | 12 Mar 2019
  • Fauves live at King Tuts, Glasgow

The doors open late after a delayed soundcheck and a small pocket of eager music lovers filter into Clarks on Lindsay Street to catch local talent Billy M Jack, who has the unenviable task of performing to a small crowd made up mainly of other bands and the soundman. 

Next is Stuart T Purvey, full-time personality and former frontman of Dundee band The Law, who appears reluctant to perform for the home crowd stating that he's merely a stand in for the evening having been forced out of retirement to cover for Courtney Stuart (Elena) who pulled out of the show at the last minute. Despite his initial reluctance, Purvey engages in some powerful narrative storytelling, his lyrics haunting the imagination as his voice booms over the background chatter. Purvey is then followed by Perthshire band hvsk who draw influence from a diverse range of sounds including funk and electronica.

Fauves perform highly polished indie-pop riffs with a unique blend of funk and soul, their sound smooth yet energetic, like an amped up version of the Bee Gees. They're are vibrant and unpredictable, much like the Fauvist artwork that inspired the band’s name, and Ryan Caldwell's incredible falsetto is perfectly matched by Lizzie Kiyoko on keys and backing vocals. They deliver a short, sharp set, and in the absence of an encore, the band breeze out the door almost as briskly as they arrived.

An earlier version of this review misidentified Lizzie Kiyoko as Gianluca Bernacchi; we're sorry for the error.