FAST feat. Park Attack / Ride This Train @ The Bongo Club

where else can you dance to Mudhoney?

Article by Caroline Hurley | 17 Mar 2006
More than one cowboy hat was set nodding in time at Ride This Train, with a country-tinged treat from Willy Douglas. The Bongo Club temporarily became the set of a Springsteen video as patrons leapt to their feet, danced along and, in at least one case, slapped their thighs with enjoyment. Yee-ha. Some fantastic tunes in the mix also, it turns out there is a time and place to hear Jackson by Johnny Cash played twice. Downstairs, the Fast crown was a little sparse during Park Attack and even the dedicated music fans in attendance looked a little baffled by the avant-garde extent of things. Not so much a performance as a plea, but fair game for doing something different. As the night progressed, the floor began to fill and the atmosphere was transformed into aceness. After all, where else can you dance to Mudhoney? [Caroline Hurley]
FAST runs monthly at The Bongo club.