Faith No More @ Corn Exchange, 25 Aug

Article by Darren Carle | 27 Aug 2009

By their own admission, Faith No More are old men in rock ‘n’ roll circles, and a fair portion of tonight’s audience are marching unquestioningly with them towards middle age. But for a band who have never really collected their dues as far as their influence should dictate, this unexpected reunion tour, dubbed 'The Second Coming', is a brash reminder that their often ludicrous genre-mashing can only be viewed as the folly of youth if you’ve really lost touch with what brought you to rock music in the first place.

Mike Patton and his men run a tight and very sweaty main set that ticks all the right boxes. From Out Of Nowhere immediately turns the Corn Exchange from awed spectators into a frenzied, clamouring mob with ‘devil horns’ aplenty; Last Cup Of Sorrow is frankly awesome in its rawness, while Epic melts away the years of bad rap-metal it unwittingly foisted on us. Unfortunately such a stacked main set leaves the resulting two encores languishing and feeling a little indulgent, Patton and co. missing a trick of hitting one home with a sadly-missed We Care A Lot. Still, it’s a minor quibble and given what preceded it we can even forgive that second Eastenders segue. ‘Midlife Crisis’? Pah, not a bit of it. [Darren Carle]

Played as part of The Edge Festival 2009.