Errors / Bossy Love @ La Belle Angele, 5 Mar

Live Review by Katie Hawthorne | 11 Mar 2016

It’s a brave band that allows Bossy Love to open for them. Pure heat from the very first bar, the Glaswegian trio transform a sparse, early doors crowd into a fully fledged front row dance party. Creamy, versatile r’n’b vocals delivered with a zero-fucks punk attitude, vocalist Amandah has a starry, magnetic pull – but John and Ollie (on drums and keys) give it out just as hard. Tracks like Body and Sweat It Out have a weighty, glamorous exuberance that, simply put, should soundtrack all Saturday nights for the rest of time.

Errors should feel understated, in immediate comparison. The trio – intermittently joined by guest vocalist Cecilia Stamp – file out to take their place under the lights with very little ceremony, and a mental re-adjustment is required as Lease of Life gradually twinkles into being. This show was rescheduled from November, standing alone from any tour dates – and as a result, it feels as if Errors take a little while to warm up. But, as the track from last year's LP of the same name fleshes out, becoming more and more enveloping, the band follow suit.

Spanning older cuts like Magna Encarta as well as more recent favourites like Slow Rotor and Genuflection, the set is holistic and warming, building true, euphoric peaks against cosmic, pulsing lulls. Stage chat is thin on the ground, leaving plenty of head-space for a transportative, spacy, post-electro venture. Time flies, and when Steev Livingstone forewarns the crowd that they’ve one track to go – and there’ll be no theatrics – he sparks an outburst of enthusiastic dissent. “Er, right then… here’s your encore,” he says, and their set concludes as planned, unruffled, with Tusk. Their no-nonsense approach gets an appreciative giggle from the Belle, but as the song’s spiralling, exacting patterns fill the room, it’s missing an extra dusting of magic.