Eric Clapton @ SECC

sit back, dust off your cream chinos and enjoy the ride

Article by Dave Kerr | 15 Jun 2006
He might be seriously minted, but Eric Clapton's position is by no means an enviable one when he gets on stage; the man has quietly weaved his way through so many scenes over the years that at this point in the game his eclectic fan base can only hope for some token sampling from their era of choice.

This, the first official show in his year long world tour consisted of just the blend you'd expect, but maybe not exactly with the specific focus you'd necessarily hope for; with Wonderful Tonight for the soft rockers (to which nobody appears sure of whether it's even legal - let alone cool - to wave the lighter aloft indoors anymore), the epic Layla for the air guitar brigade and Cocaine for the eh… coke heads, as well as a smattering of new songs from last year's 'Back Home' along with a few sniffs of the Robert Johnson infused style that has become his trademark over the years.

With all of these touchstones in place, Clapton affords newly recruited supporting guitarists Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II room to breathe throughout this two hour set, as they adeptly explore the low end of the blues beast without over indulgence and well considered nods to the Crossroads. The main man himself appears at ease and in good health as he delivers the story of his life so far; to that end there's nothing else for it but to sit back, dust off your cream chinos and enjoy the ride. [Dave Kerr]