Endor, Popup, Mother and the Addicts, King Tut's, Glasgow, May 1

All in all, a lovely night

Article by Jasper Hamill | 15 Jun 2006
Five out of five. A new scene seems to be rearing its head in Glasgow where, for once, style is neglected. On stage in combats and Next-bought shirts, Popup's lack of sartorial distinction is made up for by their unabashed excellence. Their witty, erudite pop sung in a manner best described as Glaswegian ragga toasting, has been mastered to such an extent that it's abundantly clear that Popup will soon be the sugar on the tongue of any self respecting indie kid. Stars of the show however - and this was a hard night to be the star of - were Endor. Playing winsome, wistful pop, the gaggle of teen hopefuls' charisma and charm won over the audience, who cheered every chorus and solo. Lead singer Jarv seemed quite taken aback by the attention although the rest of us half-expected a barrage of knickers to be thrown his way. Last of all, Mother and the Addicts were reliably amazing, debuting a few new tunes with Sam, sorry, Mother sporting a rather fetching fake moustache. All in all, a lovely night, free of cuntish scenesters and heralding a new dawn for Glasgow's music scene. [Jasper Hamill]