Edinburgh Direct Aid Charity Benefit - Bastille @ Glasgow

Approving howls all round

Article by Melissa Thomson | 16 Apr 2006
The organisers of this gig came up with a simple idea; give unsigned bands a chance and give money to charity. It did help of course that they had some friends in some great Glasgow bands, resulting in this triple bill of cool country players The Dirt, Elements of the 70s, and headliners Foxface. Hats went off to Foxface's drummer; not only did he don the trademark mask (guess?) and thus serve as mascot, he handled his percussion duties, the accordion and what sounded like a tumbi (combine with Knightrider sample for chart hit). They brought the bill to a finish with a set that managed to incorporate a stomp strongly reminiscent of Sons And Daughters, but which also held a pleasingly laid-back fragility at times, particularly where the two voices, male and female, shared the songs. There were approving howls all round. [Melissa Thomson]
Foxface play Barfly, Glasgow on April 28.