Drive By Truckers @ The Arches, 4 Apr

Article by Malky B | 16 May 2006

Within the tunnels of The Arches, Alabama's Drive-By Truckers return to Glasgow to teach their bourbon-tainted lessons of love and life. From the beginning, the crowd are given no time to breathe between songs, the band moving from cursed ballads to forceful rock n' roll seamlessly. Each song reflects the styles of the trio of songwriters within Drive by Truckers - Alt-Country merged with the dirty blues rock of early Rolling Stones releases before finally crashing into the 21st century Americana. It's straight from the heart, old fashioned storytelling. The crowd responds in true Glasgow style on the opening exchanges of Decoration Day. The song erupts with a coda of interconnected hard guitar harmonies, typical of Drive-by Truckers' style. Tonight, from wall to wall, the appreciative audience howls and yells their approval. The next time they make a pit stop in Glasgow, you could do worse than hitch a ride.