Desalvo @ Mono, 28 Sep

Article by Chris Cusack | 06 Oct 2008

Lit strikingly from beneath, a heavy-set man in a butcher's apron and pig mask lurches into the midst of the swaying audience and a sweaty path is cleaved through the mess of limbs. A mic cable traces his progress, intermittently vibrating like the accompanying bass-strings, drawn taut, knotted around another unsuspecting leg/wrist/throat. As your eyes follow this cable back to its origin a shape springs up from the stage floor amidst a crushing beatdown and throws itself, guitar first, at the front two rows of spectators. He collides with a man in a gas mask who only moments ago had the funnel of said apparatus pushed into the crotch of the still-screaming vocalist who now emerges like a rhino from trees and throws himself back onstage. The shapes cast on the wall resemble some titanic battle of Olympus, as captured on the side of a broken Greek artefact. DeSalvo take no prisoners. [Chris Cusack]