Deftones / Shutter / You Already Know @ Glasgow Academy, 8 June

Live Review by Dave Kerr | 15 Jul 2006
  • Deftones

The intense progressive leanings of home-grown quartet Shutter and the percussive Gang of Four-infused dynamics of Glaswegian rockers You Already Know perfectly compliment Sacramento's Deftones in advance of their entrance this evening. Both of the up and coming hand-picked acts wear the acoustics of the Academy well and produce sufficient goods to whet the appetites of its inhabitants; exciting prospects for Scottish hard rock in the offing.

The clock strikes nine and the Deftones emerge - complete with a replenished hunger - from the wilderness of three trying but ultimately galvanising years of side-projects and fights with Pink Floyd producers. Armed to the teeth with neo-metal rocks and oozing the pre-requisite attitude to reclaim their place from the stylised false prophets, the foreboding fivesome open by rattling out a declaration of intent with a trilogy of jackhammers in the form of Feiticeira, Korea and My Own Summer.

The 'tones aren't entirely concerned about deviating from the expected template of 'hits' as they let loose a few obscurities with a calming rendition of The Cure's If Only Tonight We Could Sleep and a menacing delivery of Sade's No Ordinary Love vying for pole position among the many highlights.

Punctuating every other song with the sinister tone of a Vincent Price-like cackle, the marvel of Chino Moreno's voice is ever the weapon in itself; channelled with an astonishing range, clarity and cathartic emotional texture. The backdrop woven for the vocals is one of equally intimidating pathos; if the hypnotic groove of Be Quiet and Drive was to soundtrack a meteor voyage through space then the bridge to When Girls Telephone Boys is the apocalyptic sonic boom as it ruptures the atmosphere, bound for the earth's core. "Always the same old taste, just new injury" Moreno yowls, the earlier unveiling of Beware The Water lays testament to this lyrical mantra and signals the next step in the evolution of one of metal's few remaining untainted captains.