Death Cab for Cutie @ Barrowlands

For the uninitiated, this is a fantastic introduction to their arresting songs and effortless musicianship. For fans, it is a real treat.

Article by Iain Radcliffe | 16 Apr 2006
My preconceptions of DCFC as gossamer indie tunesmiths are immediately divested at the Barrowlands. Live, they are a surprisingly muscular and versatile outfit. The filmic The New Year epitomises their expansive sound. A typically detailed snapshot of human relationships, Ben Gibbard's intimate vocal melody conjures hope tinged with melancholy, while chiming guitars and a propulsive rhythm section set the scene on an American-sized canvas. A dramatic climax finds Gibbard and drummer Jason McGerr trading crisp, inventive fills on two kits, while a maelstrom of sound crashes around them. Roaring into an encore, the haunting I Will Follow You Into the Dark is played acoustically by Gibbard, before the full band send the crowd home with the poppy Soul Meets Body's "Ba, ba, ba" refrain ringing in their ears. For the uninitiated, this was a fantastic introduction to DCFC's arresting songs and effortless musicianship, for fans, a real treat. [Iain Radcliffe]