Covenant @ The Liquid Room

It's not hard to play on the dark side. Just don't forget your eyeliner

Article by Fliss King-Evans | 15 Jun 2006
The darkly named Covenant, supported by Pride and Fall are one of the most famous bands you've never heard of. They have a huge following within an international subculture. Tonight's event was staged by Edinburgh's top goth promoters, Dark City Events, but the headline act defy simple branding. They've been described as industrial, as 'synth-pop,' as dark EBM but never as gothic. Yet in front of us there were hordes of gothic looking people; some bearing feathers and fans, some with glo-sticks and futuristic goggles - lured by the pounding bass and dramatic lyrics.

The headliners stalk on, two immediately ducking behind their synthesisers to create the beats that they describe as "controlled but wild." The lead singer Eskil paces the stage with a bass heavy voice akin to Morrisey, if the Smiths had tripped and fallen into an angry sounding beatbox. This is a band who have played to arenas of 30,000 but they seem to relish the enthusiasm of the 300 strong Edinburgh crowd.

Their relative popularity is perhaps best explained by the fan's perception that, unlike a lot of EBM, Covenant have choruses you can sing along to. The music is surprisingly catchy, with a comforting eighties sound updated by a fast paced beat to dance along to.

Everyone knows it's fun to be subversive now and again and with Edinburgh's thriving goth scene it's not hard to play on the dark side. Just don't forget your eyeliner. [Fliss King-Evans & Siân Bevan]