Cosmic Rough Riders @ Cabaret Voltaire stop, harmony central

Article by Jon Seller | 16 Apr 2006
As a freezing Edinburgh chattered their teeth on the bleak streets outside, inside Cabaret Voltaire we were experiencing moments of honey-drenched sunshine complete with West Coast summer breezes, all courtesy of Glasgow-based Cosmic Rough Riders. Striding on stage to polite applause from the assembled thirtysomethings, the 'Riders were on fine form, opening with the catchy Lost in America and maintaining high standards throughout. The band's substantial harmonic talents revelled in the superb sound quality, especially on Love won't Free Me and fan-favourite Revolution (in the summertime?). Much of the 11-song set comprised tracks from their forthcoming album and would have pleased the faithful, with every last jangly guitar hook in place. The band were clearly on a mission to administer just the right amount of highly concentrated, cheer-filled melodies without becoming sickening, and by visiting harmony central one last time with Justify the Rain I'd say it was mission accomplished. [Jon Seller]
In Time is out on April 24, the album 'The Stars Look Different From Down Here' is out on May 8 through Korova/Warner Brothers