Comanechi @ Captain's Rest, 18 Jan

Article by Eric Ledford | 22 Jan 2010

The Captain's Rest is compact, cosy and always perfect for its frequent louder gigs. This is especially true when they're packed to the gills like this one, and on a Monday night no less. First up come Holy Mountain, borrowing their name from the seminal psychomagical film by Chilean visionary director Alejandro Jodorowsky. A capable drum-guitar instrumental two-piece, the boys somehow successfully sandwich a short set of hook-laden doom dirges between two Jimi Hendrix covers. Is it possible to be cheeky and irony-free at the same time? Apparently so.

Next comes Divorce, whose sturm und drang inspires a delightful consternation in such close confines. Armed with some new-ish material, the quintet literally pulverise the ears into submission and cause severe heart palpitations amongst several newcomers in the sweaty throng of supporters. Someone call 999.

Out-of-towners Comanechi come correct with their balls-out take on powerpsych strangeness. Comprised of guitar scientist Simon Petrovich and vocalist/drummer Akiko Matsuura (also of London noise miscreants PRE), the duo deconstruct the foundations of rock with desperate abandon, alternating between skeletal riffage and effects-drenched spheres of chaos. The steamy vocals drift in and out between periods of catchy heaviness, and the between-song banter, which covers everything from unprotected sex to dodgy curries, is delivered in adorable Engrish aphorisms. These daredevils may look harmless and dainty, but their cuddly exterior hides a formidable underbelly, one which demands their sound be swallowed straight up with no mixer, all in one big gulp. [Eric Ledford]


Divorce play 13th Note, Glasgow on 13 Feb (with Bitches, North American War and Stab Teen) and Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh on 14 Feb (with Bitches and The Pineapple Chunks).