Captain Face @ Whistlebinkies

A kick up the backside for the restless.

Article by Neil Ferguson | 11 May 2007
It's late by the time Captain Face take to the stage at Binkies.
So late, in fact, that some of the audience finish the last of their pints and head to the exits. However, just as Chaucer once wrote, "patience is a
high virtue," and those who choose to remain are well rewarded and treated for their loyalty to the cause. All played with unabashed effervescence,
Captain Face's patented mixture of funky indie verses, wah-wah solos and
boisterous, riff-heavy chorus goes down as well as the late night pints.
Played with more energy than would seem possible at such an hour, it's hard to believe that this is the same band on record. It's heavier, harder, flashier, more confident and all tied together with a youthful poppiness and more than an occasional flash of rambunctiousness. A just reward for the fidelity of the enduring. A kick up the backside for the restless. [Neil Ferguson]
Captain Face play Whistlebinkies on 31 May.