Camera Obscura / My Latest Novel / The Dykeenies / Glasvegas @ QMU Glasgow

Tracyanne Campbell's sweet voice and soulful melodies has a grinning crowd swaying, hugging and singing along

Article by Milo McLaughlin | 15 Jul 2006
Tonight's mini-fest of Glasgow based bands kick off with the entertaining Glasvegas, whose frontman looks uncannily like Joe Strummer, and whose 50s style rock 'n' roll takes in subjects of local interest such as "Community Polis", strippers, and the tributes left to murder victims in Flowers and Football tops.

The Dykeenies are obviously popular with "the kids" judging by a screaming group of girls at the front, and have recently been signed to King Tut's new record label. However their brand of emo pop, which lies somewhere in between Fall Out Boy and the Killers, is perhaps not what the majority of tonight's more discerning crowd are looking for.

And so, may the magic commence. My Latest Novel have tapped into a timeless, poetic Scottishness with their debut album 'Wolves', and tonight they play a sublime set which veers from subtle grandeur to soaring transcendence courtesy of gorgeous fiddle playing, and a smattering of xylophone and melodica along with powerful four part vocal harmonies and intricate guitars. When we Were Wolves, Sister Sneaker, Sister Soul and a surprisingly jaunty new track are highlights.

Camera Obscura finish off the evening with a feelgood set led by Tracyanne Campbell's sweet voice and soulful melodies which has a grinning crowd swaying, hugging and singing along. Someone affectionately requests a Belle and Sebastian cover and Tracyanne quips "aren't all our songs?" but proves otherwise with lead single from the new album Lloyd I'm Ready to be Heartbroken, another gorgeous pop classic along the lines of Suspended From Class. Along with My Latest Novel they make this a special night and two good reasons not to get out of this country just yet. [Milo McLaughlin]