Brix and the Extricated @ Beat Generator, Dundee, 2 Mar

Brix and the Extricated play a plethora of tracks from their post-punk repertoire and throw in a cover of The Fall's Totally Wired for good measure, ensuring no one goes home disappointed

Live Review by Amy Kenyon | 08 Mar 2019
  • Brix and the Extricated

Although indie/shoegaze band Drainpipe are relatively new to the local music scene they've already garnered attention for their DIY experimental approach, and a sound that constantly evolves with their songcraft. Tonight is no different as the band impress with euphoric melodies and a progressive wall of sound. Joined on stage by violinist Calum Dunnet, who enables them to take their sound to a whole new level, the small stage at Beat Generator Live! can barely contain their sound and it's clear that the Dundee band are destined for bigger things.

Next to the stage, Edinburgh band Wozniak perform songs from their latest EP The Space Between the Trees, creating blurred electronic soundscapes reminiscent of Mogwai. Their music is a great source of introspection for both the audience and the band themselves who rarely engage with the crowd. The set is bass-heavy, producing sounds that are guttural yet melodious providing some structure to their heady sound. Their set is captivating throughout, and even after the band have exited the stage there's an atmosphere left in the room of quiet contemplation.

Brix and the Extricated take to the stage against a harsh backing track that's difficult to make out. It's a shock to the system after Wozniak’s calming prelude, but our interest is instantly piqued. Brix Smith Start (foremly of The Fall) is led on stage blindfolded, and although her eyes are covered we're aware that we're being sized up as an audience – it's clear the formidable frontwoman has arrived.

Smith Start tears off her blindfold to reveal heavy eye make-up that glitters like giant teardrops, and commanding the stage she stares us down, gesticulating wildly to opening track Alaska from the band's recent album Breaking State. She articulates each syllable with deafening accuracy into the faces of the crowd who have all surged forward in anticipation. Playing songs from their post-punk repertoire, as well as an extended cover of The Fall's Totally Wired, they ensure that no one goes home disappointed.