Bricolage - Stereo @ Glasgow

this Spring could be the last time you get to see them before they go stratospheric

Article by Sam Eccles | 17 Mar 2006
Looking like the characters out of Happy Days, Bricolage make an immediate impact with their preppy outfits, and a most hypnotising performance from possibly the most peely wally drummer in music today, whose contorted facial expressions are an act all in themselves. Immediately recognisable as a product of Glasgow, without being yet another Art School fad, it would be too simple to draw parallels between Bricolage's sound and Gang of Four, Fire Engines and Orange Juice; instead it is enough to say that they leap about in the spirit of their forefathers, and are yet another Scottish success story in-the-making. Their music was played with an energy and vitality rarely seen in this over-stylised age, and reminded you that music can be fun. Having garnered support from the likes of Franz Ferdinand, this spring could be the last time you get to see them before they hit they go stratospheric. [Sam Eccles]