Black Lips @ ABC2, 17 Feb

Article by Jason Morton | 23 Feb 2009

Fact: nobody’s going to accuse Black Lips of reinventing the wheel with their southern-fried garage rock sounds. And here's another: that doesn’t stop them from being a sound live band. Fresh from being hounded out of India, and from a whirlwind recording session with King Khan & BBQ, these four Atlantans come across as a little tired tonight, yet they still muster enough energy to stir up the ABC2. Relying heavily on the forthcoming 200 Million Thousand doesn’t hamper the energy too much, and they inject enough tracks from their previous LP – Bad Kids being a stand-out – to entice the pogoing brigade. While the Lips keep things tame compared to the ‘intimate’ sessions that got them booted out of the former crown colony, O Katrina – the ode to the devastating hurricane of its namesake – and new track Elijah ensure no fan walks away disappointed. [Jason Morton]