Ben Lee @ King Tut's

You couldn't help the mind wander, pondering Ð is this man always this chirpy?

Article by Melissa Thomson | 15 Jul 2006
This man is obviously big down-under. Although it was just him and his pretty assistant on stage, he and his white suit jacket alone had so much positive presence it almost sucked the pessimistic life out of me. But maybe that's just my Scottishness shining through, as the Aussies in the crowd (millions of them – like being in Lassiters bar) lapped it up while singing along to every single even-slightly-cheesier-than-Jack Johnson accoustic guitar accompanied mantra. And then another happy ditty. And another god damn cheery tune. On the basis of the performance and not the music, the atmosphere of such a small gig was great for someone who's plainly used to bigger, and the banter flowed easily. Although you couldn't help but let the mind wander, pondering – is the man always this chirpy? [Melissa Thomson]