Archie Bronson Outfit @ Cabaret Voltaire

The band don't lack in terms of adrenaline

Article by Duncan Forgan | 16 May 2006
You can see why Domino Records head honcho Lawrence Bell fell so quickly for the Archie Bronson Outfit. He purportedly staggered upon the band when they were burning up the boards in his local London watering hole and their rock'n'roll rabble rousing certainly makes a compelling first impression. Propelled by squalling free-jazz influenced sax and by frontman Sam Windett's red-lantern vocal and guitar attack, the band don't lack in terms of adrenaline – headrush garage rock-specialists like the MC5 and the Flamin Groovies being the most obvious points of reference. It's only after the impact of that initial hit wears off that you begin to realise that the ABO's sound and fury is the only way of masking their dearth of tunes. It's pretty much the same raucous schtick all the way through and it will be interesting to see if, in the future, the band can broaden their palate to ensure that their motor keeps running long after bursting out of the garage. [Duncan Forgan]