ADULT. - ABC @ Glasgow

Article by Sam Eccles | 17 Mar 2006
Music that, overheard, would cause your mother to wonder about your mental health is ordinarily impossible to listen to unless entering a 'Leaving Las Vegas' stupor during some forgotten hour of the morning. However, the ADULT. gig, played at 8:30 in the evening, had a feeling more akin to that experienced when arriving at a party full of strangers carrying out simultaneous nods, whilst listening to a beat you question you can handle at 4am. Yet you find yourself, moments later, thrashing like a headbanger in a moshpit; screaming out made-up-lyrics and throwing yourself about on the dance floor like a demented arachnid. Somewhat strangely, this 80s-entrenched techno journey still managed to be enticing and invigorating despite being structured around aggressive lyrics, screamed at you by the rather severe looking Nicola Kuperus. One strictly for the Bauhaus, dark-techno devotee. [Sam Eccles]