Adriana / Speaker's Corner / Angel Conversations @ Bannermans

A well-rounded evening with an unfortunate lull in the Angel's set

Article by Dave Reid | 16 Apr 2006

Tonight at The Underworld, opening act Adriana (3/5) quickly filled Bannermans with her dynamic vocals and acoustic accompaniment. Unfortunately, with ocassional difficulty in picking up the lyrics, it detracted from getting under the skin of her songs at times, but the lines to be heard clearly brimmed with promise. This is worth checking out for fans of female singer/songwriters with more emotive material. German four piece, Speaker's Corner (3/5) grooved their way through a set of perky guitar pop that was warmly received by their travelling band of proclaimants. I couldn't help but warm to their cheesy sound thanks to their sense of humour and boundless enthusiasm. Angel Conversations are purveyors of some dark brooding rock who, tonight at least, lacked oomph in their delivery. A synth in place of a bass guitar never quite succeeded and only added an unwelcome eighties feel to their songs. Angel Conversations didn't have much chat. [Dave Reid]