The Hurricanes @ Winter Dance Party

The Hurricanes are sure to blow you away when they take to the stage

Article by Ringo Levio | 06 Jan 2008
Everyone likes The Kinks right? And, god, wouldn't it be, like, so amazing if they rekindled the sound of their swinging 60's beat-pop and showed today's young whippersnappers what's what? Perhaps not - anyone who witnessed Ray Davies' abysmal showing at the Festival Theatre earlier this year would surely prefer to gouge out their own eardrums with a rusted spoon. But if you're desperate for a fix of Kinks-esque melody infused with a smattering of contemporary rockabilly then get yourself down to the Winter Dance Party (the location of which is top secret at the minute) and check out the rather blustery Edinburgh quartet, The Hurricanes. Frantic of heart and harmonically deranged, these quirky, retrospective tunesmiths writhe around to a display of quick-witted keys, tumbling percussion and rash, blistered riffs. Armed with a full throttled set of toe-tapping jingle-poppery – possibly including a triumphant reprisal of Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On – The Hurricanes just might stand to blow you Kinks lovers away. Keep an eye on their website for more details. [Ringo Levio]